About Me

Hello pals! My name is Taylor and I’m so happy you’re here!

I’m a 24 year old currently living in Halifax, NS and I am constantly working to become a better reader. I am currently studying Publishing and I am hoping to transition careers into the Publishing field when I’m done. My favourite genres include Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Mystery, anything queer, and more recently I’ve been really getting into Horror. I can most frequently be found reading on the night shift and I can’t follow a TBR to save my life.

This is my oldest cat, Baxter, I’ve had him since he was a little baby and I can’t believe he’s 4 now. He’s mostly blind and has the soul of a chaos demon.

This is Willow and she joined the family in February 2021. She is one of the cuddliest cat’s I’ve ever had and will scream to demand chin scratches.