About Me

Hello pals! My name is Taylor and I’m so happy you’re here!

Some fast facts:

  • I am 23, and my zodiac sign is Aries!
  • At the moment I am living in Halifax, NS in Canada, but I’ve moved around quite a bit.
  • I am queer and I am constantly on the hunt for new queer novels, especially by ownvoices writers.
  • I work as a Case Manager at a Community Corrections Facility.
  • I also work as a bookseller for Indigo and I love helping people find something they, or a loved one are (hopefully) going to love!
  • I have a tendency to read all over the place, but some of my favourite genres include: YA Fantasy, Contemporary, Historical Fiction, Women’s Lit, and anything Queer.
  • You can find some of my favourite titles under My Staff Picks tab.

This is my cat, Baxter, who will undoubtably make an appearance or two on this blog. He’s 3 years old and he is almost completely blind, but that certainly doesn’t hinder his ability to zoom about and cause all sorts of mischief. I love him very much and he has changed my life for the better.