About Me

Hello pals! My name is Taylor and I’m so happy you’re here!

I’m a 25-year-old currently living in Halifax, NS and I am constantly working to become a better reader. I am currently studying Publishing at Ryerson University. My favourite genres include Fantasy, anything queer, and more recently I’ve been really getting into Horror. I can most frequently be found reading on the night shift, and I can’t follow a TBR to save my life.

This is Baxter, he is 5 with the soul of a cantankerous old man. I’ve had him since he was a teeny little bean and he does not accept that he’s too big to sit on my shoulder now. He is harness trained so we get to go on lots of adventures!

This is Willow, my food-obsessed sweet baby. She was a stray and is a little apprehensive still, but she is slowly learning that cuddling is actually awesome. She will scream at you until you do exactly as she says, 10/10 girlboss energy.